The Cliffs in Aboite 
Fort Wayne's newest exclusive real estate subdivision

Villaminiums at The Cliffs in Aboite, Allen County, Indiana.  Aboite Township. Fort Wayne, Indiana on Aboite Center Road.

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    Amerec Sauna & Steam Bath systems were chosen for the Aboite Cliffs "Virtual Model Home" for their superior quality and performance.  The Amerec AK-10 steam bath generator and the PC57 Western Red Cedar (Redwood) sauna with the Digital 6.0 sauna heater were installed in the Master Suite's Spa bath.  Both are fully accessorized.

   Since 1963 Amerec has been a leader in the steam bath and sauna bath industry.  Amerec steambath products are industry renowned for innovative features such as “soft steam”, “warm start”, automatic flush systems and removable elements.  With attractive in-bath digital controls, and quality second to none, Amerec provides the ultimate steambath environment.  Amerec saunas are made of the finest materials available including kiln-dried Select Nordic Whitewoods and Western Red Cedar.  Amerec chooses wood for its color, its performance in a sauna environment and its supreme quality.  When quality matters, choose Amerec.


Amerec Steam Bath

A steam room is a sure way to feel relaxed, refreshed and invigorated. Amerec Sauna & Steam Bath

A steambath refreshes, deep cleans and moisturizes the skin for a healthy glow.  Steam relaxes tight, overworked muscles, reduces aches and pains in joints and relieves congestion.  Steam rejuvenates the body and revitalizes the mind.  It conserves water too, an average steambath consumes less than one gallon.  A personal steambath is an affordable luxury that will improve the quality of your life in ways you can only imagine.

In today's hectic world, aren't we all looking for a private retreat, a place to become refreshed physically and mentally?  With an Amerec steambath, your master bath suite becomes your own private European spa.  Pamper yourself with an early morning pre-shower steambath, or an end of day stress reducing steambath.  Wrapped in luxurious steam, your mind and body are at ease.  You deserve an Amerec steambath.


Amerec Sauna & Steam Bath


Amerec's AK steambath generators set themselves apart from other residential generators with several unique features.

"Soft Steam" function maintains the ultimate comfort zone.   Minimal temperature variations and an even flow of steam are the two most important traits of the perfect steambath.  Amerec's engineering provides both with its unique "soft steam” function.  The AK steam bath generator features innovative "soft steam" element switching to maintain a consistent and comfortable steambath environment.  The AK uses full power to quickly heat up the steamroom to its preset temperature; then cuts power to half its elements, resulting in a more consistent flow of soft billowing steam and more stable temperature.

The single factor most greatly affecting steam bathing comfort is minimal temperature fluctuations. Comparative testing proves the superior performance with the "soft steam" element switching, a feature exclusive to the Amerec AK generator.

Amerec steam AK generators have a standard manual drain valve with optional automatic flush system.  The auto flush system was used in this installation at The Cliffs in Aboite.



Amerec “Cool Touch” steamheads ensure each steambath is a safe and
pleasurable experience. Surface temperature of the steamhead does not exceed 125°, reducing the risk of burn.  Simply add a few drops of your favorite fragrance to the steamhead’s reservoir for wonderful aroma therapy.



The Amerec K60 steam bath control has a three-button panel with on/off, temperature setting and time setting which can be adjusted up to 60 minutes.  The digital display alternately shows room temperature and time remaining.  The K60 retains memory of the previous temperature and time settings, and has an adjustable temperature range from 100 to 125 degrees F. A simple on-off switch operates the generator.  The AK series steam generator has dual control capability, which was installed in the Virtual Model Home, one inside and one outside the steambath.  Both the main K-60 & secondary DK-30 controls, cool touch steamheads and escutcheons were installed in brushed nickel.


Amerec Sauna
Is flexibility what matters most to you? Amerec Sauna & Steam Bath

Amerec’s pre-cut sauna packages contain all the material and equipment necessary to complete your sauna (after the room has been framed, wired, and insulated).

Amerec’s pre-cut sauna is great for the person looking for the ease in assembling a kit but wants more flexibility in the layout.  This is a superb sauna for constructing into the framing of an existing space.

Amerec offers 38 standard pre-cut room sizes — from 3' x 4' up to 12' x 12', all with 7' ceilings (the maximum height recommended for optimum comfort and efficiency).   Detailed construction plans help you prepare the room for quick installation.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?   Amerec provides custom pre-cut packages and layout planning assistance as was done for this home in The Cliffs in Aboite.



Select Nordic Whitewoods or Western Red Cedar (or other woods of your choice) tongue and groove wall and ceiling boards precut to length.   Western Red Cedar (redwood) was used in the "Virtual Model Home".

Interior corner, ceiling and door trim.

Pre-assembled benches.

Heater guard rail.

Pre-hung door (model G2PR).

Wooden duckboard or plastic mat flooring in walking area.

Bucket and ladle.

Wall light, thermometer.

Headrests and backrests.

Foil vapor barrier, all hardware.


Angles and unique bench configurations.

Glass windows and sidelights.

All-glass door, handicap accessible doors.

Bench skirting, wall-to-wall duckboards, valance lighting.

Loads of fun accessories.

Digital controls.

Misty or Saunatonttu heater.


Amerec Sauna & Steam Bath


Amerec  heaters are the “heart and soul” of our saunas.
All Amerec sauna heater models are made of rust resistant materials (stainless steel body and stainless steel heating elements are standard), are UL listed, and feature a large rock capacity with rocks in direct contact with the heating elements.  This direct contact ensures soft heat and pleasant steam.

23”H x 16”W x 11”D, wall mounted

50 lbs of Olivine sauna stones

DC60 digital control with adjustable time and temp

4.5kW, 6.0kW or 8.0kW

For sauna rooms 100 cu. ft. to 425 cu. ft.



Control the room temperature and time remaining display on a three button panel.

Installed in nickel at the Virtual Model Home to match the Amerec steam K60 controller above.

Flush mounted digital controller, must be outside of sauna room.

Used with Amerec Sauna Digital heater series.

31/32"W x 31/16" H

Visit the Amerec Sauna & Steam web site.

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