The Cliffs in Aboite 
Fort Wayne's newest exclusive real estate subdivision

Villaminiums at The Cliffs in Aboite, Allen County, Indiana.  Aboite Township. Fort Wayne, Indiana on Aboite Center Road.

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The Beauty and Feel of Natural Slate


Class 4 Impact Resistance

Class C Fire Resistance

State Farm Listed

50-Year Transferable Warranty

Colorfast to the Core

No Efflorescence

100 MPH Wind Warranty

Prolonged UV Exposure

Freeze/Thaw Resistant

Recycled Sustainable Building Product


Now available on all Masterpiece Custom Homes

    The Cliffs offers premium imitation slate and shake roofing from EcoStar.  Recycled rubber slate and shake roofing is not only environmentally friendly and long lasting, it offers the finest appearance available on premium custom homes.

    Step in a new direction where tradition meets innovation and beauty accompanies strength in a revolutionary premium roofing product, Majestic Slate.   Manufactured by EcoStar TM , the leading manufacturer of premium steep slope roofing products, Majestic Slate combines today’s best materials into an exciting roofing product for home and business alike.  Majestic Slate was designed to emulate the look and feel of natural slate.  In comparison to natural slate, Majestic Slate is a quarter of the weight and is produced using some of today’s strongest, most flexible materials, rubber (EPDM) and plastic (TPO).  The unique formulation of Majestic Slate creates a lightweight durable tile.  It offers many  advantages including long life (50-year warranty), strength (Class 4 Impact Resistance), resistance to the elements (no freeze thaw problems) and flexibility (100 mph wind warranty).  With color to the core, not just surface coated.

    Majestic Slate has colorfast properties that will age timelessly.  Majestic Slate is also an economical choice. Ease of application makes the installed cost considerably less than natural slate. With EcoStar’s commitment to using only Authorized Applicators, homeowners and businesses know that they will get quality craftsmanship to match the quality of our 50-year warranty.  In a world of diminishing resources, Majestic Slate offers an unique opportunity to purchase a strong and attractive roofing system while supporting the use of recycled building products.  Sustainable building products continue to grow in popularity.  Majestic Slate offers a positive environmental and strong economical choice.  Curb appeal is everything when it comes to the look of your home, but protection from the elements must be the priority.  Majestic Slate offers both beauty and protection for your lifestyle.

Available in:
Stone Red
Chestnut Brown
Cedar Brown
Smoke Gray
Mountain Plum
Earth Green
Federal Gray
Midnight Gray

• ASTM G26-95 Certified
• Nail Pull Through ASTM D3163 Certified


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