The Cliffs in Aboite 
Fort Wayne's newest exclusive real estate subdivision

Villaminiums at The Cliffs in Aboite, Allen County, Indiana.  Aboite Township. Fort Wayne, Indiana on Aboite Center Road.

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    Here you can see the four floor drains in the garage floor at the Virtual Villaminium at The Cliffs in Aboite, Fort Wayne, Indiana.  Also shown is the concrete "rat wall".  This will allow for cars to be washed in the garage without fear of water ruining the drywall.  Spot free rinse will be accomplished with a separate low pressure spray hose attached to the homes Reverse Osmosis system that was provided by

    Below you can see the size of the floor drains in the garage floor.  They were custom manufactured by Schlemmer Metal Works in Wabash, Indiana specifically for this home.  They have large, deep wells like those used in the car wash industry.  The sediment traps in the bottom will insure long life for the drainage system from the garage.

    Below on the right is the salt chute for convenient loading of the salt tank of the water softener that is located on the lower level.  It will be fitting with a wide mouth bin fabricated by Collier's Heating and Cooling.  Then a set/lid applied.  Flip it open and pour in the salt directly after unloading from the car.  So easy and clean!!  The chute to the left is a raceway for additional items such as the pure water line from the reverse osmosis system.  The wall behind the chutes will be poured in concrete once all of the mechanicals are completed.


Foundation Set
Plumbing set in walkout slab
Spread footers below lower level slab
Foundation Waterproofing 1
Foundation Waterproofing 2 Polar Seal
Foundation Waterproofing 3
Geothermal Radiant Heating loops in slab
Slab poured in lower level
Garage Floor Poured
Framing Begins
Floor Deck Applied
Framing Continues Onto The Second Floor and Roof
Roof Deck Applied Page - Front
Roof Deck Applied Page - Back
Self Cleaning Glass Windows Get Installed
EcoStar Synthetic Slate Roofing Starts Getting Installed
EcoStar Synthetic Slate Roofing Starts Covering The Roof

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